Nampa Professional-Technical education

Professional-Technical Education

Nampa School District Professional-Technical Education Programs (PTE) provide  pathways to a variety of possible career choices for our high school students to explore. 

Our Director of Professional Technical Programs and ICAT Administrator is  Steve Rayborn. You may reach him at 468-4600.

Each of our industry based PTE programs offer students the opportunity for occupational certification and/or college credit.  The Nampa School District takes great pride in the quality of education and industry caliber training our programs offer our high school students.  Nampa School District PTE program instructors remain highly skilled and proficient in providing the best possible industry aligned curriculum and instruction.  Nampa School District students currently have access to 28 occupational specialty pathways provided by Professional-Technical Education.  All of  the Nampa School District’s PTE programs are physically embedded in each of our high schools.   Our programs are administered and supported under the Nampa School District Professional-Technical School, Idaho Center for Advanced Technology (ICAT).

Idaho Center for Advanced Technology

The Idaho Center for Advanced Technology (ICAT) meets the criteria set forth under Idaho State Administrative Code IDAPA 55.01.03 - Rules of Professional-Technical Schools and offers "high-end, state-of-the-art" technical programs that foster quality technical education at the secondary level.  Programs are directly related to the preparation of high school students for employment in current or emerging occupations that require other than a baccalaureate or advanced degree.  These programs are closely aligned with postsecondary education programs and are closely linked to current industry standards to ensure relevance and quality.  Each occupational specialty pathway program is connected to a relevant Professional-Technical Student Organization providing our high school students the opportunity to experience realistic industry scenarios and assessments during their high school program.


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