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Career Readiness

Career Readiness Assessment

The Idaho Division of Careerr-Technical Education has adopted the Career & Technical Education Consortium of States (CTECS) Career Readiness Standards as its model for testing CTE students' knowledge and understanding of the general expectations in the workplace.The CTECS Career Readiness Assessment tests the students ability to demonstrate competency in the following 21 areas of general readiness for workplace success:

Personal Qualities & People Skills

Positive Work Ethic
Teamwork Skills
Self Representation Skills
Diversity Awareness
Conflict-Resolution Skills
Creativity & Resourcefulness

Professional Knowledge & Skills
Effective Speaking & Listening Skills
Effective Reading & Writing Skills
Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills
Healthy Behaviors & Safety Skills
Understanding of Workplace Organizations, Systems & Climates
Lifelong Learning Skills
Job Acquisition & Advancement Skills
Time, Task & Resource Management
Job Specific Mathematics Skills
Customer Service Skills


Technology Knowledge & Skills

Proficiency with Technologies Common to a Specific Occupation
Information Technology Skills
Understanding of Internet Use and Security Issues
Telecommunications Skills