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Technology Education

In the Aerospace Engineering Pathway, students will experience hands-on engineering projects developed in conjunction with NASA. Students will learn about aerodynamics, space-life sciences, and systems engineering, which will include intelligent vehicles similar to the Mars rover, “Spirit” and “Opportunity”.


The Commercial Photography Pathway introduces students to digital photography as an art and craft.  Students will explore the history of photography, functions of the digital camera, basic exposure and editing techniques using industry standard software. Indoor and outdoor photo shoots will be employed to allow stretching of their digital imagination. 


The Digital Electronics Engineering Pathway provides instruction in the various technology systems and manufacturing processes used by industry.  Students experience the problem solving processes used by engineers and technicians by applying math, science and technology to solving complex problems. The Digital Electronics Engineering pathway utilizes computer simulation software to design and test digital circuitry prior to the actual construction of circuits and devices.


The Drafting Technology Pathway introduces students to the latest 3D-modeling software and state of the art 3D print technologies. Students will explore the fundamentals of design and industry standard lettering practices as they maneuver through technology based application software used by the drafting industry today.


The Information Systems Support Pathway provides students the opportunity to develop the essential skills required for success in the computer service industry.  Students will learn the fundamentals of PC hardware and operating systems, networking and the basics of troubleshooting in a help desk environment. 


The Programming and Software Development Pathway is aligned with the College of Western Idaho’s Web Development program and offers students the opportunity to explore the rapidly changing world of application and web software development. Students will learn the basics of application design and structure, object-oriented coding and development for both the web and portable devices.  Students will spend time developing the Microsoft C++, Java and HTML. 


The Video Production Broadcasting Pathway will introduce students to the aspects of broadcasting, video editing, camera angles, lighting and ensuring the perfect shot. Throughout the pathway instruction students will be challenged to develop daily newscasts through writing, shooting and editing practice. Video creation and artistic development will be emphasized during the program. The Video Production Broadcasting Pathway offers postsecondary credits through Idaho State University.