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Career and Technical Education Pathways are educational avenues for students to get a head start when going on to college or entering a career field right out of high school. CTE Pathway classes create a competitive advantage for students since the coursework aligns to current industry skills, standards and knowledge. Each of the programs in our district have state-of-art-equipment. Each CTE pathway consists of a collection of relevant and articulated elective high school classes that begin in either 9th or 10th grade. CTE classes include a mix of traditional classroom experiences and lots of hands-on learning. Within each pathway, students explore related careers and many pathways lead to industry certifications, postsecondary credits and/or an industry externship.

Students have the opportunity to participate in a Career and Technical Student Organization which provides students with opportunities to develop leadership skills as well as competition opportunities to showcase their CTE skills. These three- and four-year "pathways" of elective classes are designed to help students develop the technical and professional skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to successfully enter today's workforce and/or college with confidence and a more focused career direction. Each pathway is guided by a TAC (Technical Advisory Committee) and filled by committee members who are local employers and postsecondary college representatives that provide support in maintaining robust curriculum aligned to current industry practices.

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