Advanced Opportunities in CTE

Advanced Opportunities allow Idaho students to receive college credit for skills gained in high school career and technical education classes. Within Career and Technical Education, students have access to two primary opportunities: Dual Credit and Technical Competency Credit (TCC). These credits are affordable, can save thousands of dollars in tuition and are designed to allow all students in all areas of Idaho access to CTE programs that are the right path and fit for the student.


Advanced Opportunities: Dual Credit

Dual credit is a collaborative partnership between the college/university and high school(s) to provide college courses for high school students. Credits are earned simultaneously at high school and count for both high school and college graduation.  Students generally attend the course at their high school. Dual credit classes are Fast Forward eligible.


Benefits of Dual Credit

  • Reduced cost, $65 per credit and Fast Forward eligible
  • College credit while in high school
  • Builds understanding of the expectations of college level work
  • Provides students the opportunity to experience college classes and earn college credits while still in high school


Caution/Considerations of Dual Credit

  • All grades (including D, F, Withdraw) will be on permanent college transcript
  • All college policies must be followed, including late work
  • Student’s responsibility to be aware of college requirements in terms of applications, multiple transcripts, fees and course drop dates for financial or academic reasons
  • Credits may or may not apply to desired college major/program or a college outside of Idaho
  • Not all high school coursework is offered as dual credit



Advanced Opportunities: Technical Competency Credit

Technical Competency Credit (TCC) is college credit awarded for demonstrated technical skills. High school students develop a series of skills throughout their CTE pathway program. These skills are recorded through Idaho SkillStack. Prior to earning credit, students may be required to test on competencies at a college campus. Fees are paid when students choose to transcribe credit after they enroll at a postsecondary institution; must be within two years of program completion but allows flexibility on when to transcribe credits. Not Fast Forward eligible, but $10 per credit; reduced affordable amount.


Benefits of Technical Competency Credit

  • Allows all Idaho pathway programs the opportunity to provide college credit for students statewide
  • Students can evaluate their progress over time through the SkillStack system
  • Students have the choice to transcribe credit if needed for future postsecondary plans
  • Students develop a portfolio of skills and competencies that align with the needs of employers and postsecondary institutions


Cautions/Considerations of Technical Competency Credit

  • Credits may not apply to desired major or program, if outside of CTE and secondary programs
  • College credits will not be transcribed until TCC requirements are met
  • Credits are transcribed as Pass/Fail only; institutions may interpret Pass/Fail differently for GPA


Here is a video that talks more about SkillStack.


Student User Guide – Interactive


Idaho has six regional Advanced Learning Partnerships (ALP) that coordinate related services and the process for obtaining these credits. High School course instructors coordinate with the technical college transition counselors to inform students in “capstone” classes within the following approved pathways with detailed and timely information about how to obtain these credits.


Approved CTE pathways are: Certified Nursing Assistant, Culinary Arts, Ornamental Horticulture, Animal Science, Construction Technology, Drafting and Design, Graphic Design, Business Management, Accounting, Dental Assisting, Sports Medicine, Emergency Medical Technician, Early Childhood Education, Computer Support, Programming and Software Development, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Welding, Digital Electronics, Marketing, Small Engine Repair/Power Sports, Automotive Technology, and Auto Body Collision Repair


Advanced Opportunities provides all Idaho high school students with a range of options to receive college credit for the skills gained in their career and technical education classes. Regardless of the option, these credits are designed to allow all students in all areas of Idaho access to CTE programs. Nampa School District is committed to find The Right Path, for the Right Student, in the Right Program.