Frequently Asked Questions

Do all in-district high school students have access to these CTE classes?

Yes! These career-aligned program classes are elective courses highlighted in the Career & Technical Education (CTE) section of the Nampa School District High School Course Catalog. Students register for these classes through their home high school. Program flow charts are located on the main page of our CTE website so you can see the sequencing of the classes and scope of the program. Students sign up for these classes one year at a time. 


Are all CTE classes offered at their home high school?

No. If a student wants to complete a CTE Program course, maybe at some point, it will be logistically necessary for them to attend a class or classes that are at a different high school than their home high school. Depending on the program, students may start traveling as early as their freshman year, whereas other programs do not require travel until their sophomore year. Students may also be on off-site at area businesses doing internships or work at a construction site.


What you need to know about CTE transportation

Nampa School District is committed to offering robust Career and Technical Education classes. Many specialized CTE Pathways labs (including the equipment) are cost prohibitive to establish at each high school. For these classes, students may opt to select CTE “traveling” class/es during Spring Registration. Transportation will be provided to and from each of the three high schools for each period of the day. The specific requirements of a class may include an extern or internship at an industry site or collaboration of some kind with a local business partnership.  If so, those classes specify that it requires a student to be able to self-transport. See Nampa School District High School Course Catalog to know which courses require that students must provide their own transportation.  


What else should I know about these CTE pathways?

  • Nampa School District uses labor market data in deciding which career-aligned program classes to offer.  
  • Students in a capstone class (the final class of the sequence of program classes) are required to take a Technical Skills Assessment to demonstrate competency in workplace readiness and/or technical skills.
  • Students may earn college credits in several Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs classes. See menu item CTE Certifications, TCCS, Concurrent Credits.
  • All CTE students are encouraged to get involved in student organizations related to their CTE programs. Their participation leads to leadership skills, opportunities to attend and participate in professional conferences and competition in their related career field. It is a way for them to apply their technical skills, and to network with business and industry liaisons.